Organizations are increasingly turning to project-based work to facilitate success and to allow for more efficient prioritization. By breaking projects into manageable pieces, employees can be assigned by skill-set and allocated to several different projects at once instead of to one large, lengthy project at a time. This trend has forced many enterprises such as Erie County Department of Public Safety (ECDoPS) to look into efficient ways of managing these interconnected projects and subprojects. A Project Management Process (PMP) is a centralized forum for keeping these projects within schedule and budget, and also aligned to business goals through the creation and enforcement of policies and procedures.

The PMP allows ECDoPS’ top executive managers to create standardized processes and maintains control of all project process for the entire organization. As a result, Erie County Department of Public Safety’s Information Technology Sector decided to develop a project plan that aligns major radio communication activities, resource requirements, and project timelines from a Radio Check List Master Plan to Radio Project Flowchart.

The benefits of implementing a Radio Check List Master Plan to Radio Project Flowchart in our organizations are to:


(1) Identify resources and their availability;

(2) Improve project success with minimal pain or change;

(3) Ensure adequate project progress tracking and accountability;

(4) Ensure understanding of team member responsibilities to create consistent stakeholder expectations; and

(5) Ensure that the project progresses well; and (6) Ensure that the organization is ready to leverage the results.




 Submitted by Abdul Osman, Public Safety Chief Information Officer 





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